Welcome To MAX Nature Green Energy Limited


       SHANDONG MAX HYDRO POWER EQUIPMENT LIMITED, starts investing and manufacturing in Renewable Energy equipment with strong financial strength for 15 years, is a group company with following 2 branches in China.

•Jiangxi Francis and Axial flow hydro turbine factory(50kw—8MW) with 21 senior engineers in 185 employees;
•Zhejiang Pelton and Kaplan hydro turbine factory(200kw-8MW) which owns 11 senior engineers in 64 staffs.
•SHANDONG MAX Hydro owns excellent professional production equipment, skillful technical personnel and good management experience, can supply comprehensive hydropower engineering construction services.
•SHANDONG MAX HYDRO owns proprietary intellectual property rights to hydropower equipment, uses advanced design concept and method, with rich experience in hydropower equipment developing and manufacturing, more than 400sets of different mechanical processing equipments and testing equipments. we can provide with EPC-hydro power plant design, civil construction, transmission lines, design , manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, consulting—one package service for full set of hydropower equipment.
•SHANDONG MAX HYDRO has rich experience in the production of hydropower equipments, we can produce more than 2,000 different specifications including axial flow, Kaplan tubular, Francis, Pelton, and Impulse turbine, single unit capacity500w--8000kw,our hydropower equipment users are from 10 different provinces all over the country, and export to more than 20 countries overseas. SHANDONG MAX hydropower equipments feature with advanced technology, reliable operation and cost-effective.
•Everyone in SHANDONG MAX HYDRO can work for you at any time in the field of hydropower construction, provide with high quality products and excellent service.