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Pioneer committed to produce and supply small scale wind power equipment, solar energy equipment and other renewable products;
76 employees started from 2008, legally registered in 2010 , HQ located in Weifang City, warehouse factory located in Qingdao city;
Annual sales performance reach 2000,0000 in 2014, total sales performance 10000,0000,
The high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, products with CE and ISO9001-2000 certificate.
After years of deep plowing and careful cultivation, currently own a number of patented technologies.
Manufacturing technology and production equipment are advanced, most components are mold production.
The company from initial technical design, manufacturing, testing maintenance, etc., have formed a complete management system
Currently the company plays an important role in supply small wind power projects in China and wind solar complementary solutions, main products are wanted and loved on the international market, get the praise of users with good-looking design, advanced technology, stable quality and reliable;
Reference customer is all over the world, from Asia to Europe, from Africa to America.
Development purposes is to be top leader in renewable energy utilization and development;
Exploring MAX Power of Nature!
President: Xavi Shang