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Solar Pump

Solar pump systems making use of photovoltaic power drive motor pumps pumping without
electricity,the perfect solution to power shortage occasions pumping needs,The system consist of a 
PV array,inverter,pumps and other components ,to save the battery energy storage device,which can 
effectively reduce the system cost,reduce environmental pollution.

Water Pump 2.2KW Single Phase, HighLift 15meters Discharge rate 25m³ /hExplosion-proof
MPPT Pump Inverter 2.2kw Singlephase AC output, Variable frequency lowvoltage start

Solar Pump Inverter Features

1.Independently developed real MPPT and efficitively improve the utilization of the PV array

2.The system to run automatically , without human duty , saving a lot of man power

3.System module design ,stable operation , high reliability and safety , installation and maintenance is very convenient

4.Fully digital control with fully automatic operation , data storage ,as well as full range of protection feature

5.Optional control with fully automatic operation , data storagees ,as well as full range of protection feature

6.With lightning protection , overvoltage ,undervoltage, overcurrent,overload protection function

7.Proection grade IP65

8.Use environment temperature :-10-+50c



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